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Artifacts and surfaces that can display digital content are proliferating at a steady rate. Many of these displays will be peripheral, i.e., used for content that is not directly related to one's primary activities. However, what kinds of content would people want to see on such peripheral displays? We have begun to investigate the use of peripheral(More)
The growing size and complexity of systems has revealed many shortcomings of existing software engineering practices , for example, lack of scalability. This in turn raised interest in component-based and architecture-driven software development. In all likelihood, component-based software will form the foundation on which future systems will be built. The(More)
Visualization tools that target helping developers understand software have typically had visual scalability limitations, requiring significant input before providing useful results. In contrast, we present Strata, which has been designed to actively help users by providing layered diagrams. The defaults used are based on the package structure, and user(More)
The recent explosion of publicly available biomedical information gave drug discovery researchers unprecedented access to a wide variety of online repositories, but the sheer volume of the available data diminishes its utility. This is compounded by the fact that these repositories suffer from a silo effect: data from one cannot be easily linked to data in(More)
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