Edwina A. Thompson

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  • E A Thompson
  • 1984
The advent of DNA sequencing and the prospect of the availability of very large numbers of marker loci have reawakened interest in linkage studies. Statistical analyses of linked genetic loci have previously been based on pairwise analysis of the loci, and/or have assumed a known ordering of them along the chromosome. For the sizes of sample available in(More)
  • E A Thompson
  • 1983
With the increasing emphasis on data analysis in mathematical genetics, problems of parametrizing genealogical structure become of practical importance. A complete specification of the genetic effects of genealogical structure is provided by the probabilities of genetically distinct states of gene identity by descent. Although this provides a direct(More)
Multipoint linkage analyses of genetic data on extended pedigrees can involve exact computations which are infeasible. Markov chain Monte Carlo methods represent an attractive alternative, greatly extending the range of models and data sets for which analysis is practical. In this paper, several advances in Markov chain Monte Carlo theory, namely joint(More)
Many problems of sampling strategy arise in pedigree analysis. Although specific questions have been previously considered, there is a need for a general study of the form of the likelihood surface for genetic models. Were genotypes observable, the log-likelihood would have a very simple form. The two classes of factors of genealogical structure affecting(More)
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