Edwin Van Thiel

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In this study, we examined the degree and timing of shoulder displacements during hitting, reaching, and grasping movements performed by young adults with hemiparetic cerebral palsy. The participants performed unimanual and bimanual arm movements towards targets and objects of different sizes. On the basis of the assumption that shoulder displacement due to(More)
In this study we tried to establish whether point-to-point aiming movements are planned in workspace, joint space, or both. Eight right-handed subjects performed horizontal, vertical, and diagonal aiming movements on a transversal plane. Movements were performed at several speeds. Curvature variations of the hand and corresponding joint-space paths were(More)
The present study focuses on the ability of participants with spastic hemiparesis caused by cerebral palsy to adjust an ongoing movement. Typical symptoms associated with the disorder would lead one to expect that people with spastic hemiparesis would be unable to adjust their movements quickly and proportionally to a sudden change in the environment with(More)
Ten patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) underwent coronarographic studies before, immediately after and ten days after an intravenous infusion of 1 500 000 I.U. streptokinase (STK). Mean time between onset of symptoms to initiation of STK infusion was 03 hours 34 minutes. Occlusion of the infarct-related vessel was present in all of them and(More)
A clinical, electrocardiographic and coronarographic study of ten cases shows that surelevation of ST-segment during exercise (without any signs of infarction) correspond to very different clinical situations of anatomical state of coronary vessels, occurrence of coronary spasm and evolution of the ischemic disease. "Inversed coronary Insufficiency" is(More)
OBJECTIVE Reduction of plasma free fatty acids leads to enhanced GH response after stimulation by GH-releasing hormone (GHRH). We studied the clinical usefulness of combined administration of acipimox and GHRH for the diagnosis of GH deficiency. DESIGN We evaluated 35 patients [mean age 53.0 years; mean body mass index (BMI) 26.7 kg/m2] after pituitary(More)