Edwin T. Mertz

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Preliminary tests have shown that the endosperms of maize seeds homozygous for the opaque-2 mutant gene have a higher lysine content than normal kernels. As a critical test, a backcross progeny was divided into opaque-2 and normal kernels, the endosperms separated, and the amino acids determined. The opaque-2 endosperms had a different amino acid pattern(More)
Plasminogen was prepared from human plasma by affinity chromatography on L-lysine-substituted Sepharose. Thirty milligrams of plasminogen, with a specific activity of 100 caseinolytic units (Committee on Thrombolytic Agents) per milligram of nitrogen, were obtained from 340 milliliters of plasma. This corresponds to over 200-fold purification from plasma.(More)
We have shown previously that sorghum is highly digestible in the rat. However, other workers have shown that sorghum is much less digestible than wheat, maize, and rice in young children. Because the rat does not show these digestibility differences, we developed an empirical pepsin digestion method, first reported in 1981, which simulates the digestion(More)
The mutant floury-2 results in the production of maize endosperm proteins with an altered amino acid pattern. The lysine concentration is high, eapproximately equal to that in mutant opaque-2, and the methionine concentration is higher than in any other stock tested. Other mutants of similar phenotype!, opaque-1, floury-1, and soft-starch do not cause major(More)
The endosperm proteins of the maize mutants, opaque-2, opaque-7, floury-2, brittle-2, and the double mutant of opaque-2 and brittle-2, were separated into five soluble fractions by the Landry-Moureaux method. As compared to their isogenic normal counterparts, the mutant endosperms had higher concentrations of albumins, globulins, and glutelin-3, and lower(More)
The purpose of this study was to compare in vitro digestibility, protein distribution patterns, and amino acid composition of pearl millet with other major cereals. Digestibility values for the pearl millet varieties were higher than that of sorghum and comparable to that of maize. In contrast to sorghum, digestibility of pearl millet and maize did not(More)