Edwin Shuttleworth

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The homozygous wobbler (wr) mouse mutant manifests shortly after birth a form of progressive neural atrophy characterized pathologically by vacuolization and degeneration of neurons of the brainstem and ventral horn of the spinal cord. Ultrastructural features include the presence of autophagic vacuoles containing tubular structures indistinguishable in(More)
The subacute development of an almost isolated bilateral gaze paralysis in a patient with mycosis fungoides allowed a unique opportunity for in vivo clinicoanatomical correlation when enhanced computerized tomography (CT) scan revealed two extremely small lesions of the pontine tegmentum. The larger lesion involved the region occupied by the medial(More)
A 19 year old male presented with a deliberate overdose of colchicine (50mg). He had no other significant medical history. 36 hours following admission he developed widespread surgical emphysema. An urgent CT scan of his chest and abdomen demonstrated mediastinal gas of lung origin. He also developed bone marrow suppression and disseminated intravascular(More)
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