Edwin Setiawan

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The giant barrel sponge Xestospongiatestudinaria is an ecologically important species that is widely distributed across the Indo-Pacific. Little is known, however, about the precise biogeographic distribution and the amount of morphological and genetic variation in this species. Here we provide the first detailed, fine-scaled (<200 km(2)) study of the(More)
The goal of this research is to recognize an object and its orientation in space by using stereo camera. The principle of object orientation recognition in this paper was based on the Scale Invariant Feature Transform (SIFT) and Support Vector Machine (SVM). SIFT has been successfully implemented on object recognition but it had a problem recognizing the(More)
The use of nuclear markers, in addition to traditional mitochondrial markers, helps to clarify hidden patterns of genetic structure in natural populations (Palumbi & Baker, 1994). This is particularly evident among demosponges that possess slow mitochondrial evolutionary rates compared to Bilateria, where nuclear intron markers can aid in the understanding(More)
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