Edwin Selby

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The mouse dihydrofolate reductase gene (dhfr) is a housekeeping gene expressed under the control of a promoter region embedded in a CpG island--a region rich in unmethylated CpG dinucleotides. A divergent transcription unit exists immediately upstream of the dhfr gene which is coamplified with dhfr in some but not all methotrexate-resistant cell lines. We(More)
52 Master's-level female graduate students completed VIEW: An Assessment of Problem Solving Style and provided attributions for their successes and failures according to several categories of reasons. Attributions were in the form of percentages to the categories of skill or ability, effort devoted to the task, task difficulty, chance, or other factors,(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the relation between two measures of creativity style for a sample of beginning teachers. 116 student teachers enrolled in an undergraduate teacher-education program in a medium-sized, metropolitan university completed the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory and Basadur Creative Problem Solving Profile measures. A(More)
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