Edwin N. Lightfoot

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Hemicellulosic sugars, predominantly D-xylose, comprise about one-half the total carbohydrate that can be obtained from hardwoods and agricultural residues through dilute acid hydrolysis. Because rates and yields in the xylose fermentation are low, economic utilization of these materials as fermentation feedstocks is difficult. Pachysolen tannophilus formed(More)
Many diabetic patients taking multiple subcutaneous insulin injections cannot adjust their dosage appropriately to maintain blood glucose within a normal range. It is hard to predict how dosage changes and physiological fluctuations affect insulin levels and subsequently glucose control. To examine these issues, we have developed a model representing the(More)
In determining intestinal wall permeabilities, several mass transport models may be applied to analyze the results from external perfusion experiments. The appropriateness of any given model depends on the applicability of the model assumptions to the experimental system. This report compares several mass transport models with respect to their assumptions(More)
Adsorptive membranes were investigated for the downstream processing of plasmid DNA by quantifying both separation efficiencies and adsorption uptake with the anion-exchange membranes. Separation efficiencies of the 10-ml Mustang-Q were measured using pulses of 6.1-kilo base pair plasmid DNA and lysozyme tracers, and comparing the responses for both(More)
As a starting point for modeling of metabolic networks this paper considers the simple Michaelis-Menten reaction mechanism. After the elimination of diffusional effects a mathematically intractable mass action kinetic model is obtained. The properties of this model are explored via scaling and linearization. The scaling is carried out such that kinetic(More)
The allometric 3/4 power relation, initially used for describing the relation between mammalian basal metabolic rate and body size, is often used as a general model for organismal design. The use of allometric regression as a model has important limitations: it is not mechanistic, it combines all physiological variables into one correlate of body size, and(More)
It is suggested that the raw materials and technology exist for basing a major fraction of the U.S. chemical industry on four fermentation products, used in the proper portions: ethanol, isopropanol, n-butanol, and 2,3-butanediol. The primary route for introduction of these materials is dehydration of the alcohols and diols to olefins, which would cause(More)
The effect of ambient pressure on inert gas elimination during decompression was investigated using human subjects breathing air in a dry hyperbaric chamber. This was done by measuring nitrogen recovery during three different decompression schedules following identical simulated dives. Five subjects were used, each with normal pulmonary function. In each(More)
Here we expand an earlier study of feedback activation in simple linear reaction sequences by searching the parameter space of biologically realistic rate laws for multiple stable steady states. The impetus for this work is to seek the origin of decision making strategies at the metabolic level, with particular emphasis on the switching between the(More)