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Trichobezoars (hair ball) are usually located in the stomach, but may extend through the pylorus into the duodenum and small bowel (Rapunzel syndrome). They are almost always associated with trichotillomania and trichophagia or other psychiatric disorders. In the literature several treatment options are proposed, including removal by conventional(More)
BACKGROUND In the abdominal aorta, the use of knitted rather than woven dacron prostheses has shown an early and slow late dilation. The dilation of woven versus knitted dacron prostheses in the thoracic aortic position has not yet been investigated. METHOD From 1992, 25 patients entered a prospective study: 13 Gelweave and 12 Gelseal prostheses (diameter(More)
A bilateral fracture of the proximal tibia is rare in children. We describe a girl with a bilateral fracture just distal of the epiphyseal plate after minimal trauma. A 14-year-old girl was presented to the emergency department because of the suspicion of bilateral tibia fracture. During gymnastics at school, she injured herself while attempting to jump on(More)
alpha 2-Adrenergic receptors were identified in calf brain, human platelet and human uterus membranes by [3H]-rauwolscine binding. The reagents phenylglyoxal (selective for guanidino groups), p- hydroxy mercuribenzoate and N-ethylmaleimide (selective for sulfhydryl groups) caused a time- and dose- dependent decrease in the number of receptor sites. alpha(More)
Femoral artery closure devices are increasingly used after percutaneous arterial interventions to obtain hemostasis at the puncture site. Their efficacy and advantages in patient comfort are established. Nevertheless they can cause their own specific complications. In a five month's period we had to treat four patients with sudden onset invalidating(More)
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