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Dynamic reactive power compensation is used to a n increasing extent to improve voltage and reactive power conditions in ac s stems. Additional tasks can also be performed by the i ta t ic Var Compensators (SVC) to increase the transmission capacity as result of employment of SVCs for power oscillation damping. This is of particular importance in the case(More)
  • Edwin Lerch
  • 2007 European Conference on Power Electronics and…
  • 2007
Over the last 15 years wind energy becomes more and more important in Germany. The total installed capacity of wind generation was 19300 MW (June 2006) with new installation of about 900 MW in the first 3 months in 2006. In 2010 the contribution of renewable energy to the gross electricity consumption shall be 12.5 per cent (renewable energy sources act(More)
This thesis discusses important aspects related to voltage stability indices and their uses in electric power system analysis and operation. Some indices previously studied in the literature are reviewed and implemented in a reduced local network such as Line Stability Index (Lmn), Voltage Collapse Prediction Index (VCPI), and Power Transfer Stability Index(More)
-This paper first discusses the ranking of electric power system dynamic behavior in a dynamic security assessment system. This ranking is calculated by combining seven performance indices based on fuzzy logic. These security indices are applied to monitor the security level of the power system. Secondly, the paper focuses on the application of voltage(More)
Zusammenfassung Der Beitrag beschreibt die Modellbildung und Validierung eines Dampfkraftwerks mit seinen Regeleinrichtungen. Die Verwendung simulatorischer Methoden entlastet die mechanischen und elektrischen Komponenten von Lebensdauer verkürzenden Optimierungen im Betrieb. Die Überprüfung dynamischer Vorgänge anhand vorliegender Messergebnisse liefert(More)
The paper presents the application of a software tool to simulate system dynamic behavior together with the possibility to select critical contingencies of an electrical energy system. These cases are visualized and a ranking decision is introduced to support the operators to select critical system states. Insecure operating conditions can be monitored in(More)
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