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ou do not have to look far to become aware of the effect that SOA is having on software systems. Vendors are aggressively marketing hardware, software , tools, and services that support SOA implementation within organizations as diverse as the Department of Defense (DoD), banks, federal agencies, manufacturing companies, and health care providers. Even more(More)
An effective way of leveraging the value of legacy systems is to expose their functionality, or subsets of it, as services. In the business world, this has become a very popular approach because it allows underlying systems to remain largely unchanged, while exposing functionality to a larger number of clients through well-defined service interfaces. The(More)
Standards have been instrumental in achieving the significant level of systems interoperability we rely on in almost every domain. Many organizations are betting on the ability of standards to provide unprecedented end-to-end systems interoperability with partner organizations. Our experience suggests that the expectation of what can be achieved with(More)
Technology to support system comprehension tends to reflect either a " bottom-up " or " top-down " approach. Bottom up approaches attempt to derive system models from source code, while top-down approaches attempt to map abstract " domain " concepts to concrete system artifacts. While both approaches have merit in theory, in practice the top-down approach(More)
The ideas and findings in this report should not be construed as an official DoD position. It is published in the interest of scientific and technical information exchange. Use of any trademarks in this report is not intended in any way to infringe on the rights of the trademark holder. Internal use. Permission to reproduce this document and to prepare(More)
Handheld mobile technology is reaching first responders and soldiers in the field to aid in various tasks such as speech and image recognition, natural language processing, decision making, and mission planning. However, these applications are computation-intensive and we must consider that 1) mobile devices offer less computational power than a(More)