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We calculated secondary production estimates for 13 macroinvertebrate taxa from a site in the sixth-order Kanawha River, a system regulated by locks and dams. Production was calculated by the size-frequency method for Hexagenia limbata (Ephemeroptera), Tricorythodes sp. (Ephemeroptera), Stenacron interpunctatum (Ephemeroptera), Argia translata (Odonata),(More)
The area of skin supplied by afferent fibers in a peripheral nerve is called the cutaneous area (CA) of that nerve. The CA of hind limb nerves that were responsive to movement of wool/hairs were mapped neurophysiologically in 25 barbiturate-anesthetized sheep. The CA of the dorsal cutaneous branches of the caudal lumbar spinal nerves and of the sacral(More)
In fifty six ovine fetuses of both sexes, ranging in length from 20 mm to 41 cm crown-rump length, the developmental features of the cleavage lines of the skin over the whole body were examined by the stab-wound method using a metal probe with a sharp conical point. 1). Cleavage lines were observed as early as the 20 mm fetal stage. During each fetal stage,(More)
1. Micro-electrode recordings were made from axons of the spinocervical tract in unanaesthetized decerebrate-spinal cats.2. The effects of stimulation of (1) descending systems at the level of the upper cervical spinal cord and (2) hind limb cutaneous nerves, on discharges of spinocervical tract neurones were examined.3. Effects were obtained from bilateral(More)
The isolated heads of a Friesian bull and three large, Large White pigs were shot from various aspects with a 12-gauge shotgun using both a single 28 g solid lead projectile and buckshot, the latter consisting of nine individual lead pellets with a combined mass of 28 g. The sites of impact to the skull included the conventional frontal region, an occipital(More)