Edwin Girón

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Consumption of carotenoids has frequently been inversely correlated with cancer incidence. In this report we used the 7,12-dimethyl-benz[a]anthracene (DMBA)-induced rat mammary tumor model to compare the effect of lycopene-enriched tomato oleoresin on the initiation and progression of these tumors with that of beta-carotene. Rats were injected i.p. with(More)
This thesis proposes a non-parametri te hnique for boundary dete tion in spe kled imagery. Syntheti Aperture Radar (SAR), sonar, B-ultrasound and laser imagery is orrupted by a signal-dependent non-additive noise alled spe kle. Several statisti al models have been proposed to des ribe su h a noise, thus of spe ialized te hniques for image improvement and(More)
Parathion toxicity has been attributed to its metabolic product paraoxon which is formed in the mammal liver through the multiple oxidase enzymes. These are induced by barbiturates and inhibited by SKF 525 A and cimetidine. We assessed the effects of these drugs on the acute toxicity of parathion in rats by measuring the rate of survival at 24 h after the(More)
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