Edwin F Simpser

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BACKGROUND Premature infants are at increased risk for metabolic bone disease, with resulting delayed bone growth, osteopenia, and rickets. METHOD A systematic review of the best available evidence to answer a series of questions regarding neonatal patients at risk of metabolic bone disease receiving parenteral or enteral nutrition was undertaken and(More)
In this descriptive study, we examined changes in invasive and non-invasive airway support; studied the rates of home discharge vs. long-term care or acute hospitalization; and examined the relationship between the level of airway support and discharge to home for 92 children (<3 years of age) with 104 admission-discharge episodes to a consortium of(More)
Children with histories of extensive medical interventions in early childhood, especially those involving the gastrointestinal tract, are at-risk for residual feeding problems long after the medical issues have resolved. This case series describes the inpatient multidisciplinary treatment of 3 consecutive preadolescent children (ages 9, 8, and 7 years)(More)
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