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A general clsss of dwxete-time uncertam nonlinear stochastic systems corrupted by finite energy dssturbances and estimation performance crlterla are considered These performance criteria include guaranteed-cost suboptimal versions of estimation obJectives hke HZ, H,, stochsstlc passwlty, etc Smear state estimators that sat&y these crlterla are presented A(More)
A novel state dependent control approach for discrete-time nonlinear systems with general performance criteria is presented. This controller is robust for unstructured model uncertainties, resilient against bounded feedback control gain perturbations in achieving optimality for general performance criteria to secure quadratic optimality with inherent(More)
Much of the recent work on robust control or observer design has focused on preservation of stability of the controlled system or the convergence of the observer in the presence of parameter perturbations in the plant equations. The present work addresses the important problem of resilience or nonfragility which is the maintenance of convergence or(More)