Edwin Engin Yaz

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A general clsss of dwxete-time uncertam nonlinear stochastic systems corrupted by finite energy dssturbances and estimation performance crlterla are considered These performance criteria include guaranteed-cost suboptimal versions of estimation obJectives hke HZ, H,, stochsstlc passwlty, etc Smear state estimators that sat&y these crlterla are presented A(More)
Induction motors are used worldwide as the “workhorse” in industrial applications. Although, these electromechanical devices are highly reliable, they are susceptible to many types of faults. Such fault can became catastrophic and cause production shutdowns, personal injuries, and waste of raw material. However, induction motor faults can be detected in an(More)
In this paper, linear discrete-time systems with white stochastic parameters are considered. Most results on the optimal state estimation of linear discrete time systems with stochastic parameters rely strongly on the generalization of the one step prediction type Kalman filter to this type of systems. But it has been shown that the current output observer(More)