Edwin Baker

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Service based computing IT outsourcing Software as service Utility computing Security a b s t r a c t This article builds on our previous introductory article to cloud computing ([2009] 25 CLSR 270-274) and seeks to explain how cloud computing has evolved. We then discuss how this evolution impacts on key contractual and legal considerations and how the(More)
Melatonin and cortisol were measured in saliva and urine samples to assess the effectiveness of a 7-day protocol combining bright-light exposure with sleep shifting in eliciting a 12-hr phase-shift delay in eight U.S. Space Shuttle astronauts before launch. Baseline acrophases for 15 control subjects with normal sleep-wake cycles were as follows: cortisol(More)
The natural history of intracranial arterial stenoses remains relatively unknown. To monitor the progression of these lesions over time, the authors reviewed transcranial Doppler (TCD) laboratory reports at five hospitals for patients with angiographically documented intracranial arterial stenoses along the internal carotid artery distribution, and at least(More)
We describe two techniques, developed through cadaveric dissections, for the electromyographic examination of the lumbar interspinal muscles and medial lumbar multifidi. Previous anatomic studies have indicated that these medial paraspinal muscles share unisegmental innervation by a single nerve root. Electromyography of these muscles may therefore improve(More)
We studied 23 DMD and eight BMD patients using cardiac echo, 24 h ECG and positron emission tomography (PET) with the radiotracers N-13 ammonia and F-18 fluorine deoxyglucose. The ECG was abnormal in 23 cases with alterations in the PR and/or QT intervals, abnormal Q waves in the lateral leads and ST segment depression. Twenty-four hour ECG showed that(More)
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