Edwin B Robins

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Anemia is prevalent among African American children. When evaluating pediatric patients for anemia, clinicians refer to the normative hematological reference values in reference textbooks. These reference values are used in spite of evidence that healthy African American people of all ages have average hemoglobin concentrations from 0.5 to 0.73 g/dl below(More)
Essential thrombocythemia is a rare myleoproliferative disorder in pediatrics. This myleoproliferative disorder is characterized by excessive proliferation of megakaryocytes and sustained elevation of platelet count. Reactive thrombocytosis is a more common cause of elevated platelet counts among children. We describe a 2-year-old child with essential(More)
Congenital malaria is reported rarely in the United States and almost exclusively affects infants of immigrant mothers. Because of its nonspecific presentation with fever during the first 3 months of life, it is an important differential diagnosis when evaluating such infants with fever in the pediatric emergency department. A complete and accurate travel(More)
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