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The Japanese government is establishing an International Rescue Complex to promote research and development of key technologies for realization of practical search-and-rescue robots, anticipating for future large-scale earthquakes and other catastrophic disasters. This paper proposes a new paradigm called " snakes and strings " , for developing practical(More)
In this research an arm-equipped vehicle for search and rescue operations is presented. The important features for tracked vehicles are introduced through an overview of the solutions so far developed. The concept and the motion capabilities of the new vehicle Helios VII are explained. Afterwards the first assembled prototype is validated by means of(More)
The development of a practical mobile robot system for mechanization of humanitarian demining tasks such as sensing/verification and/or clearance of anti-personnel landmines is close to be completed. The system proposed by Hirose group at Tokyo Tech is a simple but effective solution that consists of a pantographic weight-balanced manipulator mounted on top(More)
Very long-reach snake-like robotic arms in the range of 14 meters are expected to be used in decommissioning work inside nuclear reactor containers. We developed a tendon-driven system which has the advantage of placing electronic devices protected in the arm's base part which stays out of the reactor container, and only few expensive highly radiation(More)
Mobile platforms when negotiating steps and stairs should be able to control theirs posture in order to avoid sudden tilting or falls. In particular, when considering applications for search and rescue operations where users have a very limited time of operation, the motion on stairs should be automated as much as possible. In this way operators can(More)
The inspection of high-voltage transmission lines is a dangerous and time-consuming job, that relies on especially trained workers operating tens of meters above the ground, and close to live lines with thousands of volts. This paper presents the development of a tele-operated robot designed for preventive maintenance of high-voltage lines. The robot was(More)