Edward Williams

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Anytime algorithms have demonstrated their usefulness in solving many classes of intractable and NP-hard problems. This approach allows the potential for improvement in the quality of the solution to be balanced against the cost of generating that improvement , both in time and system resources. While significant work has been accomplished on characterizing(More)
Background The genomic sequences of mycobacteriophages, phages infecting mycobacterial hosts, are diverse and mosaic. Mycobacteriophages often share little nucleotide similarity, but most of them have been grouped into lettered clusters and further into subclusters. Traditionally, mycobacteriophage genomes are analyzed based on sequence alignment or(More)
Project Management in Modeling & Simulation programs is becoming more and more challenging due to the necessity to integrate large models using teams from different areas and institutions. The technical complexity is at the same time quite significant considering the requirements of the current distributed simulation projects. Effective technical knowledge(More)
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