Edward W. Schaefer

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During a multipurpose survey we examined electrophoretic mobilities of major (A, i.e., α2β2) and minor (A2, i.e., α2δ2) adult hemoglobins from populations of nine primate genera representing a total of 440 New World monkeys and apes. Sequences of hemoglobin chains were inferred from differences in amino acid composition between homologous tryptic peptides(More)
Small quantities of unusual hemoglobins were found in 1 of 37 chimpanzees and 2 of 6 gorillas. In each genus these hemoglobins contain unique alpha chains that differ from the ordinary by eight to nine scattered amino acid changes. The unusual chains arise from a hitherto undetected hemoglobin (3)alpha locus. No (3)alpha products are found in most apes;(More)
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