Edward Tierney

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An assessment was made, in a randomised double-blind fashion, of the pain relief afforded by femoral nerve block (FNB) performed at the end of ligament reconstruction of the knee, using 0.25 per cent bupivacaine in ten patients, and normal saline in ten patients. All patients commenced "continuous passive motion" (CPM) of the operated knee after arrival in(More)
Community-wide outbreaks of hepatitis A are frequently prolonged and difficult to control. An extensive outbreak of hepatitis A in a religious community provided an opportunity to assess the effect of mass administration of immune globulin on the course of the outbreak. Between July 1, 1988 and May 30, 1989, 204 cases occurred among 3,500 residents(More)
Chronic lower extremity wounds are a major source of morbidity and health care expenditure across the world. In the last decade, numerous advanced modalities have become available that can help expedite wound healing when standard wound care modalities are unsuccessful. In this case report, the authors present their early experience with one such modality(More)
A descriptive analysis of the progression of epidural block with repeated doses of 0.25% bupivacaine was performed, assessing pain relief (visual analog scoring), dermatomal spread of sensory and motor block, and the associated management and outcome of labor. The influence of epinephrine 1:200,000 on these observations was also assessed by the random(More)
Introduction: Differences in incidence of diabetes and prevalence of risk factors for diabetes exist among states. It is unknown how much of this variability in incidence of diagnosed diabetes is due to variability in risk factor prevalence. We investigate the contribution of selected risk factors to state level incidence of diagnosed diabetes. Materials(More)
BACKGROUND There are no conclusive data to support the contention that diabetic patients have an increased frequency of ankle equinus compared with their nondiabetic counterparts. Additionally, a presumed contributing cause of foot ulceration is ankle joint equinus. Therefore, we sought to determine whether persons with diabetes have a higher prevalence of(More)
The focus of this paper is on the development of a wearable electronic network that provides data and power transport. A materials and manufacturing survey was conducted to determine the best performing and most durable materials to withstand the rigors of textile manufacturing and potential military use. Narrow woven technology was selected as the most(More)
The Syme amputation is often overlooked as an alternative to below-knee amputation or above-knee amputation in cases of limb-threatening foot infections and gangrene. Even though the advantages of the Syme amputation over major amputation are well cited in the literature, many surgeons do not view this amputation as a viable option for limb salvage. We(More)