Edward Thüroff

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Genes from two Drosophila virilis intermoult puffs were isolated by microcloning. From puff 16A on the X-chromosome a 2.9 kb DNA fragment was obtained, which hybridizes with three transcripts. Two of them represent the mRNAs for larval glue proteins. They are found in different abundancies in third larval instar salivary glands, but also in minor amounts in(More)
In this paper, the current status of the Molecular Probe Data Base (http://www.biotech.ist.unige.it/interlab/ mpdb.html ) is briefly presented together with a short analysis of its activity during 1997. This has been performed by statistically evaluating the 'logs' of the Internet servers that are used for its distribution with reference to the geographical(More)
In D. virilis salivary glands transcripts of two early gland protein genes, Egp-1 and Egp-2, which encode putative secretory proteins, accumulate in all cells from the first to mid third larval instar. Subsequently the transcripts disappear from the cytoplasm of the corpus cells, but not from their nuclei, where they accumulate at the chromosomal site of(More)
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