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Sensory nerve action potentials may be evoked antidromically (AD) by stimulating a nerve proximally and recording distally, or orthodromically (OD) by stimulating distally and recording over the nerve trunk proximally. The objective of this study was to compare OD and AD distal latencies in healthy subjects. Fifty-two volunteers (average age 30 years) were(More)
The measurement of sensory nerve action potential (SNAP) latency and amplitude is often necessary to accurately diagnose disorders of peripheral nerves. The sensory evoked response can be obtained using either the antidromic (AD) or orthodromic (OD) technique. In a previous study we demonstrated that in healthy subjects the AD SNAP distal latency of median(More)
This paper proposes global routing models for capturing the impact of local congestion caused by varying-size vias. The models are then incorporated to dynamically drive a proposed layer assignment algorithm. A typical characteristic of advanced technology nodes is significantly high variation in wire sizes that may exist between adjacent metal layers.(More)
The attachment of a pylon and prosthetic foot to a postoperative rigid dressing can be beneficial in the management of a below-the-knee amputation. Recently, a rigid, removable dressing has been used to allow easy inspection of the stump during healing. The removal of the pylon and prosthetic foot at night, preventing unsupervised ambulation, is(More)
This work tackles the problem of reverse engineering a gate-level netlist in order to identify groups of wires corresponding to words. It serves as the major step to find high-level modules and analyze their correct functionality in the presence of Hardware Trojans. Our core idea is to find and utilize control signals to more effectively identify words.(More)
Hyperhidrosis is a condition affecting the spinal cord injured (SCI) patient that often does not respond well to medical management. While the aetiology of hyperhidrosis in SCI patients is not completely understood, the standard form of treatment is aimed at interrupting the sympathetic cholinergic eccrine sweat glands. It has been our experience in(More)
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