Edward Tarien

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The present investigation was designed to evaluate the acute effect of aerobic exercise on oxidative stress and the flow properties of the blood. Fourteen clinically healthy subjects (7 men and 7 women aged 56+/-19 yr) underwent maximal treadmill exercise with blood samples drawn prior to and immediately after exercise. Post-exercise significant increases(More)
Distances between the metal ions bound to the product terminus i site and the substrate i + 1 site of Escherichia coli RNA polymerase range from 5.0 to 5.6 A when the substrate is complementary to a template base and from 6.5 to 7.0 A for a noncomplementary relationship. The metal bound to the substrate at the i + 1 site exhibits a constant distance to the(More)
The activity of ribonuclease increases with increasing concentration of added divalent metal ions until the attainment of an optimal metal concentration, beyond which the addition of further metal ions inhibits the reaction. When either the optimal metal concentration or the enzymatic activity at that concentration is plotted versus the atomic number of the(More)
A frequently used schematic model of transcriptional elongation shows an RNA polymerase molecule moving along a linear DNA. This model is of course highly idealized and not compatible with promoter sequences [Gralla, J. D. (1991) Cell 66, 415-418; Schleif, R. (1992) Annu. Rev. Biochem. 61, 199-223] and regulatory proteins [Koleske, A. J., and Young, R. A.(More)