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A two-year retrospective study of head-injured patients was done to determine physical abilities of these patients at the time of discharge from an inpatient rehabilitation service. The relationship of nine specific activities of daily living to cognitive level, discharge placement status, medical or trauma complications, and other injuries was studied. The(More)
Linearizability is a well-known consistency condition for shared objects in concurrent systems. We focus on the problem of implementing linearizable objects of arbitrary data types in message-passing systems with bounded, but uncertain, message delay and bounded, but non-zero, clock skew. We present an algorithm that exploits axiomatic properties of(More)
Computing gets bigger all the time. As we collect more and more data, computational problems are growing extremely quickly. To enable the kind of bigger computing required for these problems, we distribute tasks to computers, which may be specialized, in a variety of different physical locations. This opens up the ability to use vast amounts of processing(More)
The 28th International Symposium on Distributed Computing, DISC 2014, was held in Austin, Texas from October 11-15, 2014. The event was hosted and organized by Mohamed Gouda of the University of Texas at Austin. The event included two days of workshops and tutorials, followed by three days of the main conference, from October 13th to the 15th. This review(More)
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