Edward Stehle

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Despite advances in software engineering, software faults continue to cause system downtime. Software faults are difficult to detect before the system fails, especially since the first symptom of a fault is often system failure itself. This paper presents a computational geometry technique and a supporting tool to tackle the problem of timely fault(More)
There exists a need for tools to help identify the authorship of source code. This includes situations in which the ownership of code is questionable, such as in plagiarism or intellectual property infringement disputes. Authorship identification can also be used to assist in the apprehension of the creators of malware. In this paper we present an approach(More)
The transmission of voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) network traffic is used in an increasing variety of applications and settings. Many of these applications involve communications where VoIP systems are deployed under unpredictable conditions with poor network support. These conditions make it difficult for users to configure and optimize VoIP systems(More)
Network administrators need a tool that detects the kind of applications running on their networks, in order to allocate resources and enforce security policies. Previous work shows that applications can be detected by analyzing packet size distributions. Detection by packet size distribution is more efficient and accurate if the distribution is binned. An(More)
Complex software systems have become commonplace in modern organizations and are considered critical to their daily operations. They are expected to run on a diverse set of platforms while interoperating with a wide variety of other applications. Although there have been advances in the discipline of software engineering, software faults, and malicious(More)
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