Edward Sexton

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Pretest patient selection affects the outcome of many diagnostic tests; this may be true for tilt-table tests. We assessed the impact of patient age, sex, and symptom burden on the outcome of passive tilt tests. Two hundred one patients with idiopathic syncope (87 men, aged 45 +/- 20 years, median 5 fainting spells each) underwent passive, drug-free tilt(More)
About 1 p.m., on the afternoon of the 8th of September, I "was summoned to see one of the hospital servants, a Goorgah of H. M.'s 8th Bombay N. I., "who, it was alleged, had poisoned himself. On arriving at the hospital I found the would-be suicide lying on a cot in the medical ward, in a high state of excitement, and evidently suffering from very acute(More)
rowing and undermining the perineal and circumanal structures, for months and even years, before it is brought under the notice of the operating surgeon. For this reason it will be found that the fistula has in most case3 made its way as far as the external coat of the bowel; and this circumstance has suggested a mode of operating which I have now practised(More)
India, that no apology is needed for introducing the subject to the notice of the profession in this country. It is unnecessary here to discuss the oft-mooted subject of the comparative frequency of typhoid fever in recent times as contrasted with the experience of physicians of the past generation : for, even when making every allowance for possible errors(More)
It is now appreciated that a patient's sex has a significant impact on presentation of cardiac diseases. This has been well described in patients with coronary artery disease but is less well appreciated in the setting of arrhythmia management. In Cardiology in Review in 1998, Tracy outlined some of the major differences between the sexes with regard to the(More)
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