Edward Seclaman

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Docking studies have become popular approaches in drug design, where the binding energy of the ligand in the active site of the protein is estimated by a scoring function. Many promising techniques were developed to enhance the performance of scoring functions including the fusion of multiple scoring functions outcomes into a so-called consensus scoring(More)
UNLABELLED The present clinical trial analyzed the safety of gene therapy using plasmidial constructs expressing vascular endothelial and hepatocyte growth factors in patients with critical limb ischemia. The study included 43 patients: 29 in the treatment group and 14 allocated to the placebo group. The primary end points were the rate of major amputations(More)
OBJECTIVE Significant progress was made in the understanding etiopathogenic factors related to MDD, including through research on the role of micro RNAs (miRs). We investigated plasma miRs as potential markers for MDD in patients treated with antidepressants. METHODS At the initiation and at the end of twelve weeks of treatment, blood samples were(More)
Polyhydroxylated chalcones are able to efficiently inhibit aldose reductase (ALR2; EC, an enzyme implicated in the development of diabetic complications. In this study, we performed docking experiments on a series of 38 2′-hydroxy and 2′,4′-dihydroxychalcones with measured inhibitory activities. We demonstrate that docking the chalcones into a(More)
The present study focuses on the application of a therapeutic strategy in patients with chronic severe lower limb ischaemia using a plasmid vector encoding the vascular endothelial growth factor (phVEGF(165)). It has been shown that VEGF promotes neo-vascularization and blood vessel network formation and thus might have the ability to improve blood-flow at(More)
A homogeneous collection of 45 estrogen agonist derivatives with relative binding affinities measured to the estrogen receptor from Ratus norvegicus was used. The quantitative structure-activity relationships were derived using an improved minimal topologic difference (MTD) method in a partial least-squares (PLS) variant. The spatially assigned analysis of(More)
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