Edward Samuel Rankin

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This paper presents algorithmic solutions for the complete coverage path planning problem using a team of mobile robots. Multiple robots decrease the time to complete the coverage, but maximal efficiency is only achieved if the number of regions covered multiple times is minimized. A set of multi-robot coverage algorithms is presented that minimize repeat(More)
This paper describes an autonomous vehicle testbed that aims at providing the first- and last- mile transportation services. The vehicle mainly operates in a crowded urban environment whose features can be extracted a priori. To ensure that the system is economically feasible, we take a minimalistic approach and exploit prior knowledge of the environment(More)
This paper considers autonomous navigation in crowded city environments. An autonomous vehicle testbed is presented. We address two challenges of pedestrian detection and GPS-based localization in the presence of high-level buildings. First, we augment the localization using local laser maps and show improved results. A pedestrian detection algorithm using(More)
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