Edward S. Reed

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~da, H. (1976) On the development of perceptual strategies in children: a case study on the Japanese child's comprehension of the relative clause constructions. Annual Bulletin of the Research Institute Logopedics Phoniatrics, University of Tokyo, 10, 199-224. Kaplan, R. (1975) Transient Processing Load in Sentence Comprehension. Unpublished doctoral(More)
The philosophical or metaphysical architecture of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection is analyzed and discussed. It is argued that natural selection was for Darwin a paradigmatic case of a natural law of change -- an exemplar of what Ghiselin (1969) has called selective retention laws. These selective retention laws lie at the basis of(More)
AI is supposed to be a scientific research program for developing and analyzing computer-based systems that mimic natural psychological processes. I argue that this is a mere fiction, a convenient myth. In reality, AI is a technology for reorganizing the relations of production in workplaces, and specifically for increasing management control. The appeal of(More)
It is proposed that the Darwinian theoretical approach and account of living systems has not yet been clearly given. A first approximation to this is attempted, focussing on behavior in evolving environments. A theoretical terminology is defined emphasizing the mutuality of organism and environment and the existence of biologically theoretical entities.