Edward S Kosik

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The major goal of these experiments is to derive stable, helper independent, retroviral vectors using the SR-A strain of Rous sarcoma virus. Because src is flanked by direct repeats of 110 bases, both src, and sequences that replace src in vector constructions, are lost at high frequency. We have sought to eliminate this homology in order to stabilize the(More)
The four Rous sarcoma virus messages gag, gag-pol, env, and src all derive from a full-length RNA precursor. All four messages contain the same 5' leader segment. Three of the messages, gag, gag-pol, and env, use an AUG present in this leader to initiate translation. The src AUG initiation codon lies 3' of the leader segment, 90 bases downstream of the gag(More)
Because the available avian leukosis viral (ALV) vectors are moderately oncogenic in vivo, they are not suitable for insertion into the germ line. A significant reduction in the oncogenicity of the ALV vectors can be achieved by substituting the noncoding long terminal repeats (LTR) regions of the ALV virus with the LTR of the nononcogenic endogenous RAV-O(More)
inlet were unsuccessful. After 2 unsuccessful FOI attempts with conventional maneuvers by an experienced anesthesiologist, our anesthesia assistant (PM) made the unusual suggestion that we try using suction applied to the tongue as an alternative to grasping the tongue manually. The operating room suction tubing was applied to the tip of the tongue. A(More)
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