Edward S Cooper

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An estimated 1049 million persons harbour T. trichiura, including 114 million preschool-age children and 233 million school-age children. The prevalence of T. trichiura is high and may reach 95% in children in many parts of the world where protein energy malnutrition and anaemias are also prevalent and access to medical care and educational opportunities is(More)
The study reports the results of a summary of the prevalence and symptomatology of paediatric toxocariasis in Anse-la-Raye, St. Lucia. The seroprevalence of Toxocara canis among the children, as determined by ELISA, was 86%, the highest level recorded to date. In contrast, the prevalence of infection in dogs was not abnormally high, although the canine(More)
A double-blind placebo trial was conducted to determine the effect of moderate to high loads of Trichuris trichiura (whipworm) infection on the cognitive functions of 159 school children (age 9-12 years) in Jamaica. Infected children were randomly assigned to Treatment or Placebo groups. A third group of randomly selected uninfected children were assigned(More)
Age-related changes in the average worm burden and the prevalence of Trichuris trichiura infection, in a village community in St. Lucia, were examined by field studies based on worm expulsion techniques. Horizontal age-intensity profiles were convex in form with peak parasite loads occurring in the 2 to 15-year-old children. Prevalence is shown to be a poor(More)
The gastrointestinal helminth infection status of an age-stratified sample from a single Caribbean community was assessed using anthelmintic expulsion techniques. The same sample was re-assessed in a similar manner after a 17 month period of re-infection. The age-prevalence profile of Ascaris lumbricoides was convex while that of Trichuris trichiura was(More)
Cerebral Auwregulalion in Man • Autoregulation was tested by regional blood flow (rCBF) and cardiohemodynamic measurements before and after induced systemic arterial hypertension in 16 patients with varying neurological disorders. Hypertension was induced by increasing the arterial blood pressure by an intravenous infusion of Aramine. Seven (Group 1) of the(More)
The study examines the effect of moderate to high worm burdens of Trichuris trichiura infection on the cognitive functions of 159 school children (age 9-12 years) in Jamaica, using a double-blind placebo-controlled protocol. Results were evaluated by using a forward-stepwise multiple linear regression. Removal of worms led to a significant improvement in(More)
Several nucleic acid amplification techniques (NAAT) have been developed for rapid and direct detection of Mycobacterium tuberculosis (MTB) from clinical specimens. This study compared the performances of the Gen-Probe Amplified MTB Direct Test (AMDT), Roche Amplicor MTB PCR test, and an IS6110-PCR assay with acid-fast smear and culture in the detection of(More)
The Trichuris Dysentery Syndrome (Ramsey, 1962) is an insidious, chronic condition which has clinical features similar to Crohn's ileocolitis and ulcerative colitis, diseases similarly associated with growth retardation. The attained heights and weights of 19 children at the time of diagnosis of intens, -2.4 Standard Deviation (Z) scores from the(More)