Edward S. Canepa

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Most large scale traffic information systems rely on fixed sensors (e.g. loop detectors, cameras) and user generated data, this latter in the form of GPS traces sent by smartphones or GPS devices onboard vehicles. While this type of data is relatively inexpensive to gather, it can pose multiple security and privacy risks, even if the location tracks are(More)
Traffic sensing systems rely more and more on user generated (insecure) data, which can pose a security risk whenever the data is used for traffic flow control. In this article, we propose a new formulation for detecting malicious data injection in traffic flow monitoring systems by using the underlying traffic flow model. The state of traffic is modeled by(More)
5 4748 words + 8 figure(s) + 1 table(s) ⇒ 6998 'words' 1 Anderson et al. 2 ABSTRACT Advanced monitoring and control of arterial road traffic network operations requires accurate knowledge of current and predicted performance measures on the network. Recently studied signal control algorithms, for example, use the lengths of vehicle queues for each turning(More)
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