Edward Rolando Núñez-Valdéz

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A great number of people have Smart Objects in their daily life: Smartphones, cars, tablets, computers, Smart TVs or micro-controllers. Furthermore, these objects have Internet connection. A great number of these objects have various sensors: accelerometers, GPS, pressure, light, temperature, gravity or proximity. The essence of the concept of Internet of(More)
The main idea in the Internet of things (IOT) is that any object may be able to communicate with others objects by using internet or any other protocol. Within the wide range of objects and devices that make internet of things systems, smart objects (or smart things) are those that contain a certain level of intelligence, which allows them to process(More)
Software platforms for e-government transactions may differ in developed functionalities, languages and technologies, hardware platforms, and operating systems that support them. Those differences can be found among public organizations that share common processes, services, and regulations. This scenario hinders interoperability between these(More)