Edward R. Zayas

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We describe the DEcorum file system, a distributed file system designed for high performance, low network load, easy operation and administration, and interoperability with other file systems. The DEcorum file system has three components: the DEcorum protocol exporter (or file server); the Episode physical file system; and the DEcorum client (or cache(More)
Moving the contents of a large virtual address space stands out as the bottleneck in process migration, dominating all other costs and growing with the size of the program. Copy-on-reference shipment is shown to successfully attack this problem in the Accent distributed computing environment. <italic>Logical</italic> memory transfers at migration time with(More)
Virtualization is a well-known method of abstracting physical resources and of separating the manipulation and use of logical resources from their underlying implementation. We have used this technique to virtualize file volumes in the WAFL R © file system, adding a level of indirection between client-visible volumes and the underlying physical storage. The(More)
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