Edward R. Sykes

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The “Java Intelligent Tutoring System” (JITS) research project involves the development of a programming tutor designed for students in their first programming course in Java at the College or University level. This paper presents an overview of the architectural design including state-of-the-art web-based distributed architecture, the AI techniques used,(More)
Error recovery in compiler design and construction is a wellknown area of Computer Science. Traditionally, the compiler’s responsibility has been to identify all possible errors in one pass of the source code in as short a period of real time as possible. However, in certain situations, it is more desirable to have the compiler act ‘intelligently’ by making(More)
Collaboration is an important aspect for virtually all workplace environments. Workplaces often encourage and foster collaboration in a variety of ways with the purpose to collectively focus the group’s attention on a specific problem and solve it as quickly and as efficiently as possible. While collaboration is generally viewed as a positive aspect of the(More)
Accessibility of computers and computer resources are increasing in our society at a staggering rate. Computer technology is changing more rapidly now than at any other time in history and the price of computers are continually decreasing inversely proportional to the power they deliver. Nearly 50% of households in Canada and the United States have(More)
Brachytherapy is an option for treatment of breast cancer in some cases. This modality requires patient-specific dosimetry based on CT simulator scans. A 3D computer-assisted breast brachytherapy treatment planning system called Vision was developed and tested. The brachytherapy treatment planning system used volume estimation and dose analysis with(More)
Artificial neural networks (ANN) are an established area of artificial intelligence (AI) and computer science. ANNs have been used in a number of ways for research and industrial projects. However, despite ANN research spanning many years, the typical implementation is a single threaded programming model. This paper presents a fully parallel implementation(More)