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The inhibition by iodine of the atmosphere photochemical reaction of olefin with nitrogen dioxide has been confirmed. The presence of iodine in concentrations comparable to those of the reactants retards the formation of aldehyde, peroxyacetyl nitrate, and aerosol as well as the disappearance of olefin. The reaction of iodine with atomic oxygen may account(More)
Distributed energy generation and storage are widely investigated demand-side management (DSM) technologies that are scalable and integrable with contemporary smart grid systems. However, prior research has mainly focused on day-ahead optimization for these distributed energy resources while neglecting forecasting errors and their often detrimental(More)
—This paper, by comparing three potential energy trading systems, studies the feasibility of integrating a community energy storage (CES) device with consumer-owned photovoltaic (PV) systems for demand-side management of a residential neighborhood area network. We consider a fully-competitive CES operator in a non-cooperative Stackelberg game, a benevolent(More)