Edward R Ringel

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We induced bronchial obstruction in 7 otherwise healthy asthmatic subjects and then measured the degree of airway obstruction and the dimensions of the chest wall including the anteroposterior (AP) diameters of the upper and lower rib cage and the abdomen and the transverse diameter of the lower rib cage. Airway obstruction was accompanied by a pronounced(More)
The Presuicidal Syndrome, first described in 1958, relates to that specific psychic state of mind that leads to suicidal acts. It is an alarm signal indicating a tendency to suicide. The Presuicidal Syndrome has three principal components: constriction; inhibited aggression turned toward the self; and suicidal fantasies. The clinical details of these(More)
The physiology of the histiocyte (macrophage) in health and disease is reviewed briefly. An overview of the so-called primary malignant, pseudomalignant, and benign histiocytic disorders, excluding histiocytosis X, is presented. The malignant histiocytosis with erythrophagocytosis, the pseudomalignant histiocytic diseases (such as sinus histiocytosis with(More)
We studied six (1 naive and 5 experienced) subjects breathing with added inspiratory resistive loads while we recorded chest wall motion (anteroposterior rib cage, anteroposterior abdomen, and lateral rib cage) and tidal volumes. In the five experienced subjects, transdiaphragmatic and pleural pressures, and electromyographs of the sternocleidomastoid and(More)
A 68-year-old man had a solitary, eczematiform lesion of two years' duration on the digital dorsal surface of his right foot. Despite its innocuous appearance, the lesion showed histologic characteristics of advanced, plaque-type mycosis fungoides. The patient's clinically benign yet histologically malignant disease manifestation is discussed. The(More)
One year after the closure of a furniture factory the health consequences of long-term unemployment were studied among the 215 former employees and an interviewer-administered questionnaire was used to measure psychological health, self-perceived physical health and health service use. Those remaining unemployed 12 months after the closure were found to be(More)