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Spoken language processing in noisy environments, a hallmark of the human brain, is subject to age-related decline, even when peripheral hearing might be intact. The present study examines the cortical cerebral hemodynamics (measured by fMRI) associated with such processing in the aging brain. Younger and older subjects identified single words in quiet and(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare temporal aspects of peripheral neural responses and central auditory perception between groups of younger adult and elderly cochlear implant users. STUDY DESIGN Cohort study. SETTING Academic hospital and cochlear implant center. PATIENTS Adult cochlear implant users aged 28 to 57 years in the younger group (n = 5) and 61 to 89(More)
The neuropathic glycosphingolipidoses are a subgroup of lysosomal storage disorders for which there are no effective therapies. A potential approach is substrate reduction therapy using inhibitors of glucosylceramide synthase (GCS) to decrease the synthesis of glucosylceramide and related glycosphingolipids that accumulate in the lysosomes. Genz-529468, a(More)
Increased metabolism is a requirement for tumor cell proliferation. To understand the dependence of tumor cells on fatty acid metabolism, we evaluated various nodes of the fatty acid synthesis pathway. Using RNAi we have demonstrated that depletion of fatty-acid synthesis pathway enzymes SCD1, FASN, or ACC1 in HCT116 colon cancer cells results in(More)
Four hundred consecutive patients, in a representative Southern California population, hospitalized for upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage, had endoscopic examinations performed within 24 hours of arrival in the emergency room. Seventy-four (18.5 percent) of these were found to have the typical lesions of acute hemorrhagic erosive gastritis. The clinical(More)