Edward R Johnson

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Thermal inactivation of six Salmonella spp. and Listeria innocua was evaluated in ground chicken breast and liquid medium. Survival of Salmonella and Listeria was affected by the medium composition. Under the same thermal process condition, significantly more Salmonella and Listeria survived in chicken breast meat than in 0.1% peptone-agar solution. The(More)
Commercially formulated meat products, including chicken patties, chicken tenders, franks, beef patties, and blended beef and turkey patties, were obtained from processors. Each product was inoculated with 7 to 8 logs of Salmonella (Senftenberg, Typhimurium, Heidelberg, Mission, Montevideo, and California) or Listeria innocua. The inoculated meat samples(More)
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The modified reduced Ostrovsky equation is a reduction of the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation, in which the usual linear dispersive term with a third-order derivative is replaced by a linear nonlocal integral term, representing the effect of background rotation. Here we study the case when the cubic nonlinear term has the same polarity as the rotation(More)
Chicken breast patties were processed in an air convection oven at air temperatures of 149 to 218 C, air velocities of 7.1 to 12.7 m3/min, and air relative humidities of 40 to 95%. The air humidity was controlled via introducing steam into the oven. The patties were processed to a final center temperature of 50 to 80 C. Heat flux, heat transfer coefficient,(More)
Chicken breast patties were inoculated with a mixture of Salmonella Senftenberg, Salmonella Typhimurium, Salmonella Heidelberg, Salmonella Mission, Salmonella Montevideo, Salmonella California, and Listeria innocua. The initial inoculation of bacteria was approximately 10(7) log10 CFU/g. The inoculated patties were processed in a pilot-scale air convection(More)
Chicken breast patties were processed in a pilot-scale air-steam impingement oven to a patty center temperature of 55 to 80 degrees C. Thermal processing was conducted at an air temperature of 149 degrees C, an air velocity of 7 to 13 m3/min, and a wet bulb temperature of 39 to 98 degrees C. From thermal histories, the total process lethality of the patties(More)
The study of the possibility of existence of the non-propagating, trapped continental shelf waves (CSWs) along curved coasts reduces mathematically to a spectral problem for a selfadjoint operator pencil in a curved strip. Using the methods developed in the setting of the waveguide trapped mode problem, we show that such CSWs exist for a wide class of coast(More)
The long-time effect of weak rotation on an internal solitary wave is the decay into inertia-gravity waves and the eventual emergence of a coherent, steadily propagating, nonlinear wave packet. There is currently no entirely satisfactory explanation as to why these wave packets form. Here the initial value problem is considered within the context of the(More)