Edward R. Fiala

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Several methods are presented for adaptive, invertible data compression in the style of Lempel's and Ziv's first textual substitution proposal. For the first two methods, the article describes modifications of McCreight's suffix tree data structure that support cyclic maintenance of a window on the most recent source characters. A percolating update is used(More)
There are economic advantages to time-sharing a facility with hybrid resources. It is quite unlikely that any single hybrid problem will be able to utilize all of the system resources 100 percent of the time. This is the same kind of reasoning that leads one to consider time-sharing for conventional digital problems. However, time synchronous real-time(More)
The TENEX system was developed in 1969 to serve as a powerful, flexible, yet inexpensive research facility. It provides virtual memory, a hierarchy of processes within each job, a pseudointerrupt system for interprocess communication, and a highly human-engineered command language. This system has become such a popular research tool that there are (as of(More)
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