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This paper considers the problem of schedtding multiple products on several dilTerent production lines (i.e. the n-job, m-machine scheduli problem) wheo multiple objectives exist. Spectically a goal programming model is developed and demonstrated via a case example. The production setting modeled in this paper includes three separate production lines that(More)
In this paper an integer, non-linear mathematical programming model is developed to allocate emergency medical service (EMS) ambulances to sectors within a county in order to meet a government-mandated response-time criterion. However, in addition to the response-time criterion, the model also reflects criteria for budget and work-load, and, since ambulance(More)
We are assembled this morning to commemorate the worst disaster ever suffered by the Rice Institute. Deep sentiments T>f-felk>wship and sympathy draw us together, to quicken the cherished memories of the ten fine young men whom we have lost. And our common bereavement impresses on our minds the tragic problem of human life and destiny: man's ever precarious(More)
The growing usage of computer networks is requiring improvements in network technologies and management techniques so users will receive high quality service. As more individuals transmit data through a computer network, the quality of service received by the users begins to degrade. A major aspect of computer networks that is vital to quality of service is(More)
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