Edward R. Anderson

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This study evaluated the efficacy of 2 theory-based preventive interventions for divorced families: a program for mothers and a dual component mother-child program. The mother program targeted mother-child relationship quality, discipline, interparental conflict, and the father-child relationship. The child program targeted active coping, avoidant coping,(More)
  • E R Anderson
  • 1993
This article illustrates a method for approximating longitudinal data analysis by combining information from different overlapping age groups to form a single developmental growth curve. Using this method, hypotheses about the form of growth, the extent of individual differences in growth, and factors that affect the rate and pattern of growth are(More)
Research is unclear about when expressing negative emotions to children performs valuable socialization and regulatory functions and when, instead, it undermines children's adjustment. In this study, we isolated 1 kind of negative expression to test the aversion sensitivity hypothesis: that rapid increases in mothers' negativity as a function of increases(More)
This study examined whether, as mothers' depressive symptoms increase, their expressions of negative emotion to children increasingly reflect aversion sensitivity and motivation to minimize ongoing stress or discomfort. In multiple interactions over 2 years, negative affect expressed by 319 mothers and their children was observed across variations in(More)
In many jurisdictions divorcing couples are court-ordered to participate in divorce mediation to resolve parenting plan disputes prior to a court allowing a case to proceed to trial. Historically, a significant number (40-80%) of these divorcing couples enter this highly stressful legal process having experienced violence and abuse within the relationship(More)
Parents who repartner after divorce must decide how to balance the potentially competing demands of their own desire for adult companionship and romance with the needs of their children for parental attention and affection. In this study, the authors assessed individual differences in divorced custodial mothers' orientation toward repartnering,(More)
This study examined differences in the distribution of attachment classifications between Eastern and Western cultures by comparing the behavior of 12-18 month old infants and their mothers in Korea (N = 87) and the U.S. (N =113) during the Strange Situation. Finding that the distribution of secure vs. insecure infants in Korea was similar to the global(More)
Dedication To my children v Acknowledgments It would have been impossible for me to write this dissertation without the generosity, patience, and enthusiasm of my family, friends and colleagues. I must first acknowledge the support of my husband, David, a man to whom the words " terminal degree " sound like sweet music. This degree, like the ones before,(More)
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