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Metastatic spread of some solid tumours is thought to depend upon the adhesion of tumour cells to the vascular endothelium followed by extravasation into surrounding tissues. We investigated the role of beta 1 integrins in the adhesion of the breast adenocarcinoma cell line MDA-MB-231 and the melanoma cell line RPMI-7951 to quiescent human umbilical vein(More)
BACKGROUND Accumulating evidence has suggested that the cardiac renin-angiotensin system is activated during the remodeling process after myocardial infarction (MI). Although 2 types of angiotensin II receptors (AT(1) and AT(2)) are upregulated in the infarcted tissue, the contribution of AT(2) to the subsequent fibrogenetic phase of wound healing is less(More)
Twenty-five primary retinoblastoma tumours were analysed by real-time quantitative polymerase chain reaction to determine the genomic copy number of the N-MYC gene (2p24) relative to the copy number for REL, B2M, ALB, AF10 and MLL. Twenty-one of these tumours were shown by Comparative Genomic Hybridization to contain variable copy number increases of(More)
Mounting evidence supports the position that human beings are inherently emotional beings and that emotion and affective development impacts human development and behavior in a wide variety of important ways. This paper provides an overview of emotion and the affective domain, including developmental considerations and methods that can be used to facilitate(More)
Those living with an acquired brain injury often have issues with fatigue due to factors resulting from the injury. Cognitive impairments such as lack of memory, concentration and planning have a great impact on an individual's ability to carry out general everyday tasks, which subsequently has the effect of inducing cognitive fatigue. Moreover, there is(More)
We report on the initial field tests of Learning Physical Science (LEPS), a new curriculum adapted from Physical Science and Everyday Thinking (PSET). PSET is an inquiry-based, hands-on, physical science curriculum that includes an explicit focus on nature of science and nature of learning. PSET was developed for small enrollment discussion/lab settings.(More)
Quantum dot (Qdot) biosensors have consistently provided valuable information to researchers about cellular activity due to their unique fluorescent properties. Many of the most popularly used Qdots contain cadmium, posing the risk of toxicity that could negate their attractive optical properties. The design of a non-cytotoxic probe usually involves(More)
This paper presents the user experience design approach taken for a mobile cognitive assessment tool. Taking a multidisciplinary approach with user centred assessment and feedback, the design of this tool was tailored to provide a usable and intuitive user experience. Key to user participation is ease of use and minimal time on task for participant(More)
We report on the adaptation of the small enrollment, lab and discussion based physical science course, Physical Science and Everyday Thinking (PSET), for a large-enrollment, lecture-style setting. Like PSET, the new Learning Physical Science (LEPS) curriculum was designed around specific principles based on research on learning to meet the needs of(More)
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