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Application of power sensors in the control and monitoring of a residential microgrid
Advancements in sensor and metering technologies enable us to affordably collect more data than ever before and this data can be used to revolutionize the power industry. Expand
Persistent tracking and monitoring of animatronics using IoT capabilities
This paper describe the development and deployment of a 5 degree of freedom animatronic vulture in a distant museum exhibition. Expand
Hydrosense: An Open Platform for Hydroclimatic Monitoring
In the world of water resource management, commercially available hydroclimatic monitoring systems are large, expensive, and disconnected. Expand
Energy and capacity values for distributed PV in PJM
The correlation between distributed PV generation and the ten year monthly and annual all time system peaks on PJM are quite remarkable. In the over 100 monthly and annual peak demands that have beenExpand
Hydrosense: a Low-Cost, Open-Source, Hydroclimatic Monitoring System
The Hydrosense Datalogger is fully compatible with the Arduino Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and is designed to easily interface with the Hydrosense OpenSonde and Hydrosense Wireless Link.Expand