Edward P Calomeni

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Acute kidney injury (AKI) during warfarin therapy usually is hemodynamic secondary to massive blood loss. Here, we report pathological findings in kidney biopsy specimens from 9 patients with warfarin overdose, hematuria, and AKI. Kidney biopsy specimens from patients on warfarin therapy with AKI were identified in our database within a 5-year period. Each(More)
We investigated human calicivirus (HCV)-associated diarrhea in children attending day care centers by using stool specimens collected in 1981-1983. We used a screening enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) derived from reagents prepared against the Sapporo strain of HCV and confirmed positive results with a blocking ELISA and immunosorbent electron(More)
The purpose of the study was to test the hypothesis that neutrophils can injure cultured skeletal myotubes. Human myotubes were grown and then cultured with human blood neutrophils. Myotube injury was quantitatively and qualitatively determined using a cytotoxicity (51Cr) assay and electron microscopy, respectively. For the 51Cr assay, neutrophils, under(More)
Collagen fiber assembly affects many physiological processes and is tightly controlled by collagen-binding proteins. However, to what extent membrane-bound versus cell-secreted collagen-binding proteins affect collagen fibrillogenesis is not well understood. In our previous studies, we had demonstrated that the membrane-anchored extracellular domain (ECD)(More)
Monoclonal gammopathies can cause renal tubular epithelial damage through multiple mechanisms, the most common manifestation being myeloma cast nephropathy. Amyloid light chain amyloidosis rarely affects the renal tubular epithelium directly and usually causes glomerular injury. Amyloid deposition can also be seen within vessel walls and in the renal(More)
Members of the Rab GTPase family regulate intracellular protein trafficking, but the specific function of Rab24 remains unknown. Several attributes distinguish this protein from other members of the Rab family, including a low intrinsic GTPase activity. The functions of other Rab proteins have been defined through the use of dominant-negative mutants with(More)
NK dendritic cells (DCs; NKDCs) appear to emerge as a distinct DC subset in humans and rodents, which have the functions of NK cells and DCs. However, the developmental relationship of NKDCs (CD11c(+)NK1.1(+)) to CD11c(+)NK1.1(-) DCs has not been addressed. Herein, we show that NKDCs exist exclusively in the compartment of CD11c(+)MHC II(-) cells in the(More)
Cutaneous leishmaniasis (CL) manifests as localized skin lesions, which lead to significant tissue destruction and disfigurement. In the Yucatan Peninsula, Mayan traditional healers use Pentalinon andrieuxii Muell.-Arg. (Apocynaceae) roots for the topical treatment of CL. Here, we studied the effect of P. andrieuxii root hexane extract (PARE) on the(More)
Adrenal cortical tumors clinically mimicking pheochromocytomas are extremely rare, with 14 cases in the literature. The authors describe 2 patients with adrenal cortical adenoma (ACA) and catecholamine elevations. The impact of tissue preparation methods on electron microscopy (EM) images was assessed in ACA mimicking pheochromocytoma, pheochromocytoma, and(More)
The assembly of collagen fibers, the major component of the extracellular matrix (ECM), governs a variety of physiological processes. Collagen fibrillogenesis is a tightly controlled process in which several factors, including collagen binding proteins, have a crucial role. Discoidin domain receptors (DDR1 and DDR2) are receptor tyrosine kinases that bind(More)