Edward Ortiz

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BACKGROUND The level of continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) accuracy needed for insulin dosing using sensor values (i.e., the level of accuracy permitting non-adjunct CGM use) is a topic of ongoing debate. Assessment of this level in clinical experiments is virtually impossible because the magnitude of CGM errors cannot be manipulated and related(More)
This paper presents a data driven fault detection and identification (FDI) method using support vector machines (SVM) and the wavelet packet transform (WPT). The primary focus of this paper is to present a robust data driven fault diagnosis scheme. The investigated scheme has the capability to detect and identify faulty components of a given system through(More)
BACKGROUND Although tight glycemic control has been associated with improved outcomes in the intensive care unit (ICU), glycemic variability may be the influential factor in mortality. The main goal of the study was to relate blood glucose (BG) variability of burn ICU patients to outcomes using a sensitive measure of glycemic variability, the average daily(More)
Recommender systems could be seen as an application of a data mining process in which data collection, pre-processing, building user profiles and evaluation phases are performed in order to deliver personalised recommendations. Collaborative filtering systems rely on user-to-user similarities using standard similarity measures. The symmetry of most standard(More)
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