Edward Odell

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BACKGROUND Oncogenic human papillomavirus (HPV)-associated oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is a subtype of head-and-neck cancer with a distinct clinical and prognostic profile. While there are calls to undertake HPV testing for oropharyngeal SCCs within the diagnostic setting and for clinical trials, there are currently no internationally(More)
We prove that Hilbert space is distortable and, in fact, arbitrarily distortable. This means that for all λ > 1 there exists an equivalent norm | · | on l2 such that for all infinite dimensional subspaces Y of l2 there exist x, y ∈ Y with ‖x‖2 = ‖y‖2 = 1 yet |x| > λ|y|. We also prove that if X is any infinite dimensional Banach space with an unconditional(More)
DNA ploidy distribution, measured in experimental renal tumours that occurred in twelve ageing male Fischer rats derived from carcinogenicity experiments on ochratoxin A (OTA) in response to chronic dietary exposure, was diploid in all renal adenomas and aneuploid in all carcinomas, correlating with their typical organised and disorganised histopathology,(More)
A well known argument of James yields that if a Banach space X contains `1 ’s uniformly, then X contains `1 ’s almost isometrically. In the first half of the paper we extend this idea to the ordinal `1-indices of Bourgain. In the second half we use our results to calculate the `1-index of certain Banach spaces. Furthermore we show that the `1-index of a(More)
BACKGROUND Positron emission tomography (PET) imaging using the radiotracer 18F-Fluorothymidine (FLT) has been proposed as an imaging biomarker of tumour proliferation. If FLT-PET can be established as such it will provide a non-invasive, quantitative measurement of tumour proliferation across the entire tumour. Results from validation studies have so far(More)
The chicken anaemia virus-derived protein Apoptin/VP3 (CAV-Apoptin) has the important ability to induce tumour-selective apoptosis in a variety of human cancer cells. Recently the first human Gyrovirus (HGyV) was isolated from a human skin swab. It shows significant structural and organisational resemblance to CAV and encodes a homologue of CAV-Apoptin/VP3.(More)
PURPOSE Application of ultrasensitive diagnostics has shown that small numbers of p53 mutation-positive cells may signify the presence of residual tumor in histologically normal tissues after resection of squamous cell carcinomas arising in the head and neck area. To date, most studies in this area have focused on analysis of tissues at the mucosal aspect(More)
Certain subclasses of B1(K), the Baire-1 functions on a compact metric space K, are defined and characterized. Some applications to Banach spaces are given. 0. Introduction. Let X be a separable infinite dimensional Banach space and let K denote its dual ball, Ba(X), with the weak* topology. K is compact metric and X may be naturally identified with a(More)