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Distinct rhythmic behaviors involving a common set of motoneurons and muscles can be generated by separate central nervous system (CNS) networks, a single network, or partly overlapping networks in invertebrates. Less is known for vertebrates. Simultaneous activation of two networks can reveal overlap or interactions between them. The turtle spinal cord(More)
Current mobile health apps allow users to track and monitor their fitness statistics and enjoy exercise. As the next generation of mobile devices arrives, new apps must be developed to improve upon current exercise experiences. We introduce Fitnamo, a mobile health app designed for Google Glass. Fitnamo offers entertaining exercise routines through the use(More)
Emotion is a pervasive and important aspect of human experience. Here we employed the affective priming paradigm to study the effects of body movements on emotional cueing. Affective point light displays were used to prime subject responses to target emotional words. Subjects were presented with point-light arm movements that conveyed anger, happiness or(More)
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