Edward Meathe

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We have pharmacodynamically modeled the relationship between the thiopental serum concentration and its effects on the electroencephalogram (EEG). Power spectral analysis was used to calculate the spectral edge, a measure of the underlying EEG frequency that characterizes the progressive slowing of the EEG induced by thiopental. Eight male volunteer(More)
We developed a method to measure accurately pressures at the airway opening (Pao) and in the trachea (Ptr) in neonates during high frequency oscillatory ventilation (HFOV) from 15-30 Hz. All component parts of the pressure-measuring system were tested as a unit against a reference transducer in a closed chamber in which sinusoidal pressure waves could be(More)
A computerized signal processing technique that removes low-frequency respiratory variation from pulmonary artery pressure and other central vascular pressure measurements, and produces a waveform devoid of respiratory artifact, has been developed. This technique has been integrated into a portable bedside monitor. The authors tested the technique in(More)
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